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Leather Cleaning in Reno, NV

Leather Cleaning in Reno

Chem-Dry is one of the leading companies in the carpet and upholstery cleaning service industry. We also offer outstanding leather furniture cleaning in the Reno area. Chem-Dry of Reno’s leather cleaning services also include leather maintenance and restoration.

Over time, body oils, sweat, and other stains quickly settle into leather furniture. Many cleaning products on the market can actually break down leather finishes and lead to dryness and cracking. Our leather care not only is safe but also effectively cleans and restores leather furniture. Prevent unnecessary wear and keep your leather furniture looking great.

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Scuffs, Scratches, Cuts, and Fading

Over the life of your leather couches and chairs, you will surely experience some common problems with all leather furniture. Our Chem-Dry Certified Technicians are trained to address these problems. Chem-Dry of Reno has a variety of stock pigment colors similar to the ones used in the tanning process to repair the inevitable scraping or scratching on protected leather.

We can also revitalize color on sensitive aniline leathers. Our certified technicians will walk you through our process and discuss areas of concern. We know leather is an investment, and we aim always to leave it looking like new when we are done.

How Often Should I Clean My Leather?

A regular cleaning schedule, including professional cleaning, 1-2 times per year, is recommended. Between professional cleanings, you can maintain the health and beauty of your leather furniture by cleaning with Chem-Dry Soft Cleaner® and rejuvenating the protection with Chem-Dry Protection Cream®. Both products are in the Chem-Dry Home Leather Care Kit, available from Chem-Dry of Reno.

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